China's most great wall railway subsea shield tunnel successfully crosses the artificial island
On August 29, the left line shield machine "Shenwan No.2" of the front section project of Guangzhou Dongguan deep machine, the most great wall railway subsea sh
Qingdao Metro Line 2 phase II project starts
It is learned from Qingdao housing and urban rural development bureau that recently, work area 01 of Qingdao Metro Line 2 phase II project successfully passed t
Xisong Construction Co., Ltd. of Japan uses AI model to develop the auxiliary control system of shie
A few days ago, Xisong Construction Co., Ltd. of Japan developed a set of auxiliary system for shield machine driving direction control, which can digitize the
The ventilation shaft of HS2 tunnel in the UK adopts a new top design
The ventilation shaft of HS2 tunnel uses a new round design, and the height is reduced by more than 2m. The top is made of pre galvanized sheet to integrate the
Komatsu test new hard rock and mining tunnel excavation method
Komatsu, a Japanese machinery maker, has partnered with Codelco, Chile's state-owned mining company and the world's largest copper producer. The hard ro
The British Tunnelling Association conference will be held in October this year
The British Tunnelling Association Congress 2022 conference and exhibition is the largest gathering of tunnel professionals in the UK. At that time, the achieve
TBM breakthrough of Auckland connecting line project in New Zealand
On July 15, 2022, TBM Dame whina Cooper made a breakthrough in karangahape. This marks the completion of the excavation of the Auckland connecting line project
TBM used for Virginia sewage treatment project is ready
The sewage treatment project in Alexandria, Virginia received the Herrick TBM used in the project. This TBM with a diameter of 4.47M will excavate a 3.2km water
Construction of New York City Eastchester bay water tunnel
The New York City Department of environmental protection and the New York City Department of design and construction (DDC) announced that they are ready to carr
The first breakthrough of HS2 tunnel project in Britain
On July 22, the tunnel of Warwickshire section of HS2 project in Britain completed a breakthrough. The variable density TBM Dorothy with a diameter of 9.92m was
Bidding for India high speed train underground station project started
The National High Speed Railway Corporation of India (nhsrcl) initiated the bidding process for the design and construction of Mumbai high speed railway station
Application of AI model to geophysical exploration of underground pipelines in the construction of H
Toda construction, Fujitsu and kinsoku jointly developed the prototype system of the underground buried object detection system. The system uses AI model to ef
Dacheng construction and aktio jointly developed the "t-imonitor tunnel" system applied to
Dacheng construction and aktio jointly developed the "t-imonitor tunnel" system, which can monitor the operation of temporary equipment and construction machin
Ontario International Airport is preparing to build a autonomous vehicle tunnel
The San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (sbcta) of California is preparing to build a tunnel connecting Cucamonga subway station and Ontario Internat
Kuwait sewage treatment project successfully recovers TBM from the seabed of the Arabian Gulf
On July 29, 2022, after completing the pipe jacking of 1973m pipeline, the main sewage treatment project in Kuwait spent 4 days to recover the Herrick tunnel bo
Terratec TBM used by Chennai Metro in India for transportation to India
The 6.61m diameter Terratec earth pressure balance shield used in Chennai metro project has been transported to India. TBM is equipped with a cutter head suitab
Denmark hypertunnel will conduct the first real-world demonstration at this year's world tunnel
Hypertunnel will be exhibited for the first time at the world tunnel Congress (WTC) in Copenhagen next month. They will demonstrate their robot cluster tunnel c
Construction of heating tunnel of Elbe River in Germany
The construction of the district heating pipeline tunnel under the Elbe River in Hamburg, Germany has been started on August 9, 2022. The tunnel is 30m undergro
"Hakaruta" which can wirelessly measure the deformation of steel frame support constructio
Recently, Dalin group in Japan developed "hakaruta" which can wirelessly measure the deformation of steel frame support construction in mountain tunnel engineer
Quality problems found in prefabricated segments of HS2 low carbon construction tunnel section in UK
It is reported that some "low carbon" segments used in the HS2 project in the UK have quality problems. The segment found in this time belongs to the chipping w
78km high-speed railway tunnel under construction in southern Italy
In mid August 2022, several railway tunnels in southern Italy began to enter the construction stage. Among them, the total length of hirpini orsara high-speed r
Hundreds of passengers were stranded in the channel tunnel for five hours after the railway broke do
The channel tunnel railway connecting Britain and France broke down on the 23rd, causing hundreds of passengers to stay in the tunnel for 5 hours.

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The subway tunnel in New York will provide mobile cellular network services, and the construction pe
On August 1, according to it home, mobile cellular network services are about to enter the subway tunnel in New York.

This week, the Metropolitan Transportatio
Focus on the high-quality development of the industry! 2022 international underground engineering an
2022 international underground engineering and Tunnel Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as tunnel exhibition) will be grandly opened in Nanjing Int